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Hydroseeding is an alternative to the usuall way of seed sowing. It involves mixing and agitating seeds, fertilizer and mulch with water inside a tank, and then spraying that mix onto the lawn or other designated areas. The mix is specially measured to maintain moisture to allow maximum growth of the seeds. It can also contain other ingredients such as additives or green dye.

Hydroseeding tends to work well for lawns because the seeds are contained in a nutrient-rich mixture called slurry. The seeds come in contact with water and other nutrients while it gets mixed, which triggers the plant germination process. The mulch seals in the moisture and also holds the soil in, which mimics the greenhouse effect. With the seeds at a good depth for growing, and the right amount of moisture locked in, hydroseeding can produce a beautiful, lush lawn in a short amount of time.



Erosion control is the prevention of soil loss by stabilizing the soil. It usually involves laying an erosion control blanket over the ground, which will help hold the seeds and soil in place while protecting any seedlings that are emerging.

Germination can be increased when an erosion control blanket is combined with mulch. The erosion control blanket helps to hold the seeds and soil in place, while protecting the seedlings. The mulch stays under the blanket, providing adequate nutrients and moisture for the plants to thrive. Erosion control blankets can be left on until the plants underneath are big and strong enough to stand up to erosion and can protect themselves.

An erosion control blanket can help protect an eroding lawn from the harsh elements. It helps to encourage plant growth, while making the soil and plants stronger so that the lawn can eventually protect itself from erosion.



Vegetation can be used for many things. It can add to the beauty of a home or business, it can help a drought-impacted area recover and it can also benefit animals in natural environments. It also adds carbon to the existing soil and helps to stabilize it for future plant growth.

For home and business use, planting vegetation can add a certain natural beauty that can only be achieved by using plants and flowers. It adds eye-catching colors, and brings small animals that can also add to the landscape’s beauty. In natural environments, vegetation is necessary to help protect the land and provide places for animals to live.

The roots and stems of trees and bushes help to trap soil particles that form a layer that is naturally resistant to erosion and protects the plants and animal homes from the elements and water currents. Plants are carefully selected to match the environment so that they are most likely to thrive.